Monday, August 15, 2011

El Sabado - Parte Dos

My Saturday afternoon took an unexpected turn… My new housemate, Hannah, had been feeling under the weather.  In fact, for more than three days she had been unable to keep much of anything in, including water.  I hadn’t been around much, so hadn’t really seen how poorly she was doing.  On Saturday it was obvious she wasn’t going to get better without medical attention. 

Thankfully, Dona Cristi’s daughter, Ana Lucia, comes over every Saturday afternoon, and she took Hannah and me to Hermano Pedro Privado, the same private hospital where Dona Cristi stayed when she was so sick.  I have to say, it was very nice.  Very clean, and the staff was very attentive. 
The doctor told us that Hannah needed to be admitted because she likely had a bacterial infection, and possibly parasites.  Since she couldn’t keep anything in, they’d need to give her an IV for fluids and antibiotics once they determined exactly what she had. 
After six weeks of language school I was able to understand most of what the doctor said, but thankfully Hannah’s Spanish is really good, so she understood it all.  It was overwhelming for her, especially since she’s only 24 and her mom is way up in Chicago.  Like me, Hannah hates needles, so I held her hand and kept her distracted as they put in the IV. 
We got her settled in, and I headed back home to get her laptop and a few other things to bring back.  I included a picture of her family, since I knew she was really missing them!  Thankfully the hospital is only around a 25 minute walk as Ana Lucia couldn’t stay.  I was thankful that Hannah was staying in our house where we have such an attentive Ama de Casa in Dona Cristi.  I was also thankful that I was able to be there.
Unfortunately, the WiFi at the hospital didn’t work, so when I visited her yesterday morning, she still hadn’t been able to talk with her mom.  I went back home, grabbed my laptop, and headed to the SI office to send an email to her mom to let her know Hannah was okay but in the hospital.  I also sent on the phone number. 
I was so relieved when I got a response saying she’d been able to talk to Hannah on the phone!  I know the times I miss my mom most are when I’m really sick.  Just hearing her mom’s voice was a huge help!
Today is Monday, and after two days in the hospital, Hannah is being discharged.  She wound up with a ‘perfect storm’ of a serious infection and two parasites!  The good thing is, down here they know how to test for, and treat, parasites.  I feel good about the hospital and its care.  Of course, I hope I never have to do more than visit other people there! 
Even though my weekend didn’t turn out how I’d planned, I am thankful that I was able to be a part of this ‘mis-adventure’.  Being able to be a comfort and a ‘big sister’ to Hannah was a blessing.  Now, I’m praying she continues to get back her strength and soon will be eating more than plain bread and jello!
I hope that however your weekend turned out, you, too, were blessed as you were a blessing to others!  Hasta pronto!

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