About Me

I'm finally updating this after more than three years.  The most important thing to know about me is still that I love Jesus and want to live completely for Him.  I still mess up at that more than I'd like, but God is still faithful and I know He is working in me. 

After three years in the DR, God has called me back to the US.  It's been an adjustment back into life here.  Not good, not bad, just different.  Because I am different. 

One big difference, of course, is that I am married.  My husband, Carlos, loves Jesus.  Through him, I have learned to love Jesus more.  I have watched him reaching out to others, sharing Jesus with them.  It encourages me to do this, too.

The other difference, which is less obvious, is that I see things differently now.  Three years in the DR has given me a sensitivity to outsiders, especially those who cannot speak English.  When I see a person who looks like they might speak Spanish, I want to go and talk with them.  I love my new job, which allows me to do this every day!

I'm still growing, still learning that God is so much more than I had thought.  As I have grown, so has my understanding of Him.  My hunger to know more of Him, which, very honestly, had leveled off, has been rekindled.  Gloria a Dios!  I never want to lose that desire for more of Him.  As Aslan said to Lucy, I want to find Him bigger each year that I grow. 

And then, I want to be more and more compelled to share Him with others.  To be a facilitator, making the introduction, and then allowing the other person to experience God.  To make that life-giving connection.  No matter where I am, I know that must be my true life's work.