Saturday, August 13, 2011

El Sabado

Today is Saturday, the first full Saturday I’m all by myself.  I’ve been running errands, and thought I’d share some of the sights of my day.  First up was a trip to El Mercado to buy some fruit and veggies for tomorrow (the one day we don’t get meals at home). 

I have to admit to being a terrible barterer.  I’m pretty sure the vendors can tell that, and not just because I am clearly not Guatemalan!  Last time we went, I bought a big, delicious mango for only 5q - which was less than 70 cents.  I thought that was awesome for a mango out of season, but was assured later that I paid way too much. 
a small part of El Mercado
This time I checked with Juanita to find out what I should pay for a pineapple.  10q, she told me.  So, off I went, determined to not overpay!  The market is crazy, especially on Saturdays where all kinds of people come to sell and buy and visit.  I walked around looking at all the lovely produce, squeezing mangoes.  Sadly, all that’s available now are ‘duro’ which means hard, or unripe.  I wanted a suave (soft or ripe) one, but to no avail. 
Gorgeous fruit and vegetables... can't wait for tomorrow!!
I did find some lovely sweet smelling pineapples and paid only 6q for one!  I also bought a pound of tomatoes, an avocado, a lime and some cilantro for 8q.  Tomorrow I’ll make up some salsa fresca to go with my black beans.  All in all, a great shopping trip!  Yeah, I probably spent too much, but for less than $2.00, that’s a whole lot of gorgeous fresh stuff!!
view from my elliptical
After that it was off to the gym.  I tried to take a picture of the inside so you can see how part of it is open air.  It’s fun to see the mountains and Volcan Agua (although today it was covered by clouds.  Pretty sure we’ve got lluvia this afternoon!)  The roof is metal which means it gets pretty hot midday.  The ‘sauna’ effect is free of charge, of course, so that’s another bonus!
As I walked, I saw lots of cars and people and tuktuks.  It’s the weekend, which means Antigua is full of tourists.  Oh, yeah.  I don’t think I’ve talked about tuktuks yet!  These are the fastest, cheapest way to get around town if you don’t want to walk.  One or two average sized Americans would fit comfortably. 
Since the drivers charge by the person, and since folks here are quite small, you often see three or four women, plus a kid or two, squashed inside.  I heard about one driver fitting eight, but I think that might have been an exaggeration!      
The clouds are getting darker, so I think a trip to the park is out.  Maybe a nap, and then reviewing some Spanish, as I'm back in class again next Monday. 
Tonight I plan to watch a cute movie I brought along called Danny Deckchair.  I'll watch with Spanish subtitles... does that count as homework?!  :O) 
Tomorrow is church and a day to rest and relax.  I love God's invitation to 'come away' with Him each week! 
I hope that whatever you’re doing today, it’s a very good day!  And… I hope tomorrow you are able to take time to Sabbath, and enjoy time being freshed and renewed in Jesus. 


  1. Wow, That's a great haul at the market there I'd say! A lot cheaper than you'd get it in the States. I like your gym too. :)

  2. Kim! I just wanted to let you know that there are Tuktuk's in Ethiopia too - but they are called Bajaj and it is blue and white. I am still trying to catch up on your post as well as write a few of my own from my trip. :)