Friday, May 20, 2011

Kind of Really Cool!

Wow, today I am very humbled that my friend Caroline wrote a blog post about me coming to serve in El Callejon.

Caroline and her husband, Ryan, have been working in the DR with Students International for nearly two years.  Both of their ministries are focused in El Callejon.  Ryan started a Micro-finance site, as well as a Boys Club, and Caroline works with Daisy at the Women's Social Work site.

As Caroline said, from almost the first day she suggested I pray about coming on staff full-time.  Part of me had been pondering that since 2008, and hearing it from her gave me chills.  I love how God puts people in our lives to help us see His plans!  

I am honored to be stepping in when she, Ryan, and their new baby, James, head back to the States at the beginning of 2012.  She and Daisy have done amazing things with the women, teens, and girls, and I pray I can continue to show the people of El Callejon the love of Jesus - just like the Holloways have been doing!

Check out their blog - not just 'cause of me, but because it's full of awesome info about what God is doing in El Callejon!  How crazy-awesome is it that I get to go serve there?!  God is so good!! :O)

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  1. Just read Caroline's post. That is just way toooo coool !!