Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sick Day

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers!  After battling through yesterday, I woke up still feverish today, and so took a Sick Day.  I hated not going to the Site with Daisy and our students, but it was good to rest. 

Back in the US there were plenty of people who worried about me, but I was pretty good about keeping myself to myself. Here, that's not as easy. Living above Doña Gloria means that if I don't leave in the morning, she and Maria (her helper) come up to check on me. 

Sweet Maria made me some delicious homemade tea, and brought me up a plate of food for lunch so I wouldn't have to cook.  Just un chin, she said.  By Dominican standards it was a little bit, as the food wasn't heaped up, but it was still a plate filled with rice, beans, chicken and salad.  Thankfully my 'flu isn't the 'stomach' kind as her food is always yummy! 

Doña Gloria came up to visit and see how I was doing.  Friends called to check on me (Gracias!) and emailed and Facebooked me (is that a verb yet?).  At one point I was woken up from dozing on the couch to notice Juan Pablo (Maria's 10 year old son) and a friend looking in at me and talking about the Americana!  That would have annoyed a while back, but now I know it's just how it goes.

Living by myself for so many years, I got used to doing things in my way, in my time, in my rhythm.  Since leaving the States, first living in Guatemala with lots of housemates, and now here, alone, but not completely, I'm slowly learning how to live within other peoples rhythms, too. 

It's not always easy, and especially when I've had a long day, I find myself slipping into my 'me' way of functioning.  But, I'm learning the value and joy of being connected to others.  In fact, when Doña Gloria calls up the stairs to see how I'm doing, it doesn't feel so much like an intrusion, but instead feels a lot like love. 

I'm not quite ready to take on the non-stop people most of those here live with and among, but it's not nearly as scary a thought as it once was. 

So, I praise God that even on a day when I felt quite miserable and just wanted to be alone, there were others to check on me, love me, care for me.  And, I praise Him that He's showing me just what a gift that is!

I still don't feel 100%, but I'm hoping my rest today will be enough to allow me to go and finish the week.  Tomorrow morning we've got our Young Women's group with their energetic little ones, so I don't want to miss the fun!

Thanks again for praying!

P.S.  Today is my friend Geraldine's son Connor's birthday.  Connor is celebrating it in Heaven, healed and whole, while his family is celebrating and remembering in Calgary.  I love and am praying for you all!!

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