Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well, shoot.  Instead of getting better, I got worse.  As in stomach worse.  Two Words - Sample Cup.  The results came back this afternoon.  Bacteria.  So, I'm on Cipro, praying that I'll start feeling better (and be able to eat again!) soon.

I feel blessed that in all my time out of the country, this is the first I've had to deal with this.  I have to admit, it's no fun.  Especially since my stuffy head and scratchy throat are worse because of the burning been done in our neighborhood the past two days.  I have bits of black ash all over my white tile floor, even after shutting my windows (which don't really seal).

I'm missing out on the end of this Outreach, which really bums me out.  Last night I missed our Bible Study.  This evening I was planning to go support a friend translating for a pastor around 45 minutes away. 

It's so frustrating not being able to do things that are important!  (Most tragic of all... tomorrow is Baked Oatmeal Friday and I won't be able to have any!!)

I was feeling just Blah and sorry for myself a little while ago.  I'm so sick of being sick!  Then it hit me: Satan is continuing his attacks on the work SI is doing to share the love of Jesus here in the DR.  Allowing myself to get discouraged is allowing him to strike blows against the Kingdom.  For now, I can't go to El Callejon, but I can still stand firm - even as I'm horizontal on my couch!

Others on staff are battling bacteria, and worse, amoebas. One gal is in the hospital with an IV as she's losing so much fluid. It's been a tiring summer, and we've still got two Outreaches to go. 

As I mentioned, Satan has been attacking in lots of ways the past months.  Please pray for all of us here as we put on the armor of God, and then stand firm, allowing His Spirit to work through us. 

Thanks again for all the prayers, messages and well-wishes.  I'm really hoping this is my last entry for a very long time about being sick!

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