Sunday, April 15, 2012

Un Chin

How do you read the Bible?  I was meeting with Luz and Ramona, two of the natural leaders in our Adult Women’s group. 

Daisy and I have identified two pairs of women who have the respect of the other women.  Along with Luz and Ramona are Guadalupe and Tiva.  Our prayer is that by helping them grow in Christ, their natural leadership can be transformed into “lideres como Jesús” (leaders like Jesus). 
Our dream is that in this way they will be equipped to take on parts of the Social Work site’s ministry – perhaps leading our Little Girls or Pre-teen groups.  Disciples making disciples making disciples.  It’s a dream we believe has been given to us by the Holy Spirit. 
Since this was my first meeting with them, I wanted to outline our dream and then find out a bit more about their current ways of praying, reading the Bible, etc.  Almost as a joke, I demonstrated the ‘open randomly and read’ technique.  I was a little taken aback when both nodded. 
Umm… do you have favorite parts of the Bible?  Both love the Psalms as well as Matthew’s gospel.  How about the other gospels?  “They all say the same thing, so I just read Matthew”, said Luz.
I wanted to help them understand why it’s important to read all of the Bible, not just random parts and favorite passages.  Imagine someone you love gave you a gift, say, a big box of chocolates.  And you eat just ‘un chin’ (a little bit) and push the rest away. 
“Oh”, said Ramona, “when we only read a bit of the Bible, we’re not enjoying all of God’s gift!” 
As someone who loves the Bible and loves teaching others about it, this “Aha moment” was awesome.  I still get excited just thinking about it!! 
And, of course, the best – and most important! – part about this gift of God is sharing it.  The women are hungry to learn more about God’s Word.  But, simply being fed, hoarding this rich and delicious spiritual food, is not God’s intention. 
Friends sent me yummy candy and chocolate for Easter.  Lots and lots!  Now, I love chocolate, but sitting all by myself eating 5lbs of the stuff wouldn’t be good for me.  Or, nearly as much fun as sharing it. 
That’s how we are to treat the amazing Good News, too.  It’s not just to be taken in, but also shared around with everyone we meet!
Jafresi and her chocolate
On Friday I brought a bag of chocolate to El Callejon to share.  A few of the girls stopped by to color and hang out.  Jafresi just turned two, and the look on her face as she enjoyed the Hershey’s Kisses was priceless. 

How much more amazing is the Word of God?  Does my face light up like that as I look on it? 

Jafresi has a special place in my heart.  Back in 2010, when she was just a baby, I had a picture taken with her which I later put on my support-raising letters. 
Jafresi in 2010
As I said then, Jafresi (and her family) need the hope only Jesus can bring to El Callejon.  It was true then, it’s equally true, now!    
And so, si Dios quiere (the Lord willing) we'll continue to disciple, exploring His Word together, delighting in it, so that we can go out and share the hope of Jesus with others. 

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