Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Commissioning Service

What an amazing night!  When I stole into First Pres that Sunday eight years ago, I had no friends and no intention of returning!  But, as I am continuing to learn, our God is able to do far, far more than we could ever ask or even imagine!!  

What a blessing to look out and see friends from Alpha, Perspectives, the Free Clinic, small groups, staff, the gym, adopted moms, spiritual mentors, little sisters and daughters in Christ, brothers and sisters who have shown me Jesus in new and beautiful ways!  

Here is the link for my sermon, which includes the final song we sang - With Everything.  May our lives be all for God, and for His glory!  May we be willing to give our everything, shouting out to the world the Good News of Jesus!!  May we go until He calls us home!


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