Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why Take Perspectives?

We are convinced that God has a ‘world-sized’ role for every Christian in His global purpose. Whether people go to distant countries or stay at home is a secondary issue. The primary issue is what most people are hungry to discover: vision to live a life of purpose. Discovering that purpose makes this course valuable, and perhaps crucial, for any Christian.  (from the Perspectives Study Guide)

We learn about who God is, and what His global purpose is, through His word, the Bible.  Perspectives begins at the beginning, focused on God.  Out of 15 classes, five of them, or 1/3, are centered on the Bible and what it reveals to us about who God is. 

So often we want to jump right into action.  We want to be a part of what is going on and so we rush ahead, inviting the Holy Spirit to come along and bless our work.  We become frustrated and disillusioned when our big plans fall flat, draining us as the demands become greater and greater.  Where are You, God, and why aren’t You helping us help all these people?

Instead of beginning with a call to action, Perspectives begins by showing how the ‘action’ has been going on long before we ever showed up.  Reaching into all the world was not our idea, it was God’s.  He has been at work since before the foundations of the earth, seeing His purpose fulfilled.  This is not about us.  It was never intended to be. 

This can be difficult since many of us have become accustomed to reading the Bible as consumers.  'God has a wonderful plan for your life, and the Bible is full of promises for you.'  While this is not completely false, it turns the tables, making us the focal point.  As if the Creator of the Universe dances attendance on us, obligated to give us blessings on our terms if we humor Him with some tithes and good works.

God has amazing plans for our lives, there is no question.  He had an amazing plan for Jesus’ life, too.  A plan which included the cross.  That amazing plan brought us salvation, praise be to God! 

But Jesus’ primary purpose was bringing His Father glory (John 17:4). Jesus’ life and ministry were focused on His Father, which is why He sometimes did things that baffled His disciples.  Jesus bore our sin, defeating death and opening a way for us to be reconciled to the Father, all for His glory.  

The Bible tells us that through His obedience, God glorified the Son, giving Him the name that is above every name so that at His name, every knee would bow in heaven and on earth.  Yes, our salvation is wrapped up in the story, but we are not the main point.

This is why I feel Perspectives is so valuable, because it trains us to read the Bible seeking God first. Learning about what God has done, what He is doing, and what His word says He will do, changes how I see things.  It changes my… perspective!  It is only when I align my purpose with God’s that my life will be wonderful.  

When God’s glory is our purpose, our lives will be significant.  Now, and then for eternity, as we take our places with some from every tongue, tribe, language and nation, worshiping our Living Missionary God! Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!!

Join us this Fall to learn more!  
Classes start Tuesday, September 1 at 7:00pm 
at Grace Covenant Church in Harrisonburg, VA.

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