Thursday, April 11, 2013


Good morning, everyone!  Thank you so much for your comments, questions - and encouragement.  I just wanted to share a few details:

Wedding Date:  We still have not set a date.  I just wanted to give everyone a 'heads up' that it's on the way. 

Living:  We'll stay here living in Jarabacoa, likely in my little studio apartment to start.  Doña Gloria (my landlady) loves Carlos and is happy that there will be a man in the house.

Ministry:  I will continue my ministry with Students International, moving into Human Resources full-time in May.  I've started working on policies and procedures, and am excited to help strengthen our wonderful staff in this way.

Time:  How long will we stay in the DR?  At this point, we don't know what the future may hold.  We are committed to seeking God's direction in how He wants us to serve Him.  For now, that means staying here. 

When I left the US, I felt at peace knowing perhaps God would call me to spend the rest of my life living in the DR.  I still feel that way.  But, I also am learning that God always does the unexpected! 

I do firmly believe I need to be faithful to His current call on my life, and that when/if it is time to move, He will make clear the when/where/how.  Wherever and whenever it may be, we know that it'll be far more than we ask or even imagine. 

There are still unknowns, of course, and we know we need to cover each step of the way in prayer.  God is at work, and we never want to get ahead of Him.  We want to seek God's kindgom and His righteous first of all, confident that when this is our goal, all the rest that we need will be added as He wills it.

Thanks again, friends!  The God we serve is amazing, isn't He?

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