Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quick Update and Prayer Requests

Good morning!  I just wanted to let everyone know that I am fine.  Just super busy. 

One of the missionary couples at SI had to travel back to the US for a family emergency.  They work with the teams who travel down for short-term outreaches, and so all of the SI family is taking on extra jobs to help out. 

Carlos and I have been able to use things we love to do to help.  We've led a hike to a waterfall, taught Dominican culture and history, and showed the group around town.  We have another team coming next week, and so we'll do it again.  It's tiring, but God is our strength.

Along with that is my 'regular' work in El Callejon.  We have 4 participants, and it's fun to connect with them, hear their stories and share ours.  Thankfully, translating is a lot easier than it was a year ago!  God's timing is always perfect.

I love how God uses even bad situations for His glory.  Please pray for all of us as we dig a little deeper to carry on His work with students, and in the communities.  And, for our fellow missionaries who expect to be in the US for several weeks.

Also, please pray for the Dominican Republic right now.  The teachers have been striking for more pay, which may be understandable, but is causing the kids to go without school one or two days almost every week.  They only have class half a day anyway, so their education is already not all that great. 

Next week is Semana Santa (Holy Week) which is a scheduled week off of school.  This week they only had classes on Monday.  The kids in El Callejon get very little attention/structure at home, and without the routine of school, their behavior is getting a bit more wild each day. 

Please pray that parents will step up in their responsibilities, and that the Holy Spirit will help give us patience and love as we interact with the children of El Callejon.

Thank you, friends! 

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