Friday, May 11, 2012

Sola Scriptura

Today, I carried our two plastic chairs back to the old site to meet with Joemny and Kathy for discipling.  (Please check out our Social Work site blog for an update of the move so far – with photos!) 

Since Daisy and I want the women to have the basics of faith, I’ll be studying the Five Solas with them, too.  Today was Sola Scriptura.  They loved it!  How crazy-awesome is it that I get to share Biblical truth… in Spanish… in El Callejon?! 
At the end of our 90 minutes together, Kathy said she wanted to share a testimony:  The devil really didn’t want me to come today.  First my cousin called and said there was work this morning.  I told her No, I’m going to Bible study.  She said I had to go, I told her No.  Then my mother-in-law called and told me there was work.  I told her I was going to Bible study. 

Then a friend called and wanted me to go to La Vega (about 30 minutes away).  I said No, I’m going to Bible study, but he kept bothering me. 
Joemny called to make sure I was coming, and I’m so thankful because I started to think maybe I wouldn’t come.  But, God knew I needed to be here today learning these wonderful things about the Bible.

For someone who does not have regular, steady work, this is huge.  I never told them that they must choose.  In fact, if I had known, I probably would have told Kathy to skip and go work.  Oh, thank you, Father, that it wasn’t up to me! 
Kathy and Joemny are making a choice to be fed with the word of God.  They are choosing to ignore obstacles, and continue growing in Christ.  Kathy is trusting that by making this choice, God will supply her needs and provide work another day. 

Friends, I was speechless and humbled - and yes, I had piel de gallina once again!  What incredible faith.  It made me even more determined to pour into these precious daughters of our Father!
This afternoon I had to run some errands, and while I was out I stopped by the Jarabacoa Supermercado where my friend Yelena works.  She called me yesterday to say she can’t do any yoga or pilates for a while, as she’s having a lot of trouble with pain, and her doctor wants her to stop what she’s been doing so they can try and figure out what’s going on. 

Even though she assured me her doctor said our sessions hadn’t caused her this trouble, I felt really bad for her.  And, I’m sad that we can’t continue exercising together.
Since chocolate always makes me feel better, I wrote a card and got some of my yummy Dove dark chocolate to bring her.  When I walked into her office area, I noticed that she had a Bible opened to Numbers.  I asked her about it, and she said she’s read through the New Testament, and now is reading through the Old. 

I told her how much I love reading the Bible, too, and we chatted for a while about this and that.  Even though I couldn’t understand everything she said (story of my life right now!) just knowing we both love Jesus added something to our conversation.  I hope we can continue getting to know each other, even if we can’t continue exercising.
All three women are very different from me, and I rejoice in this.  I rejoice, because I am seeing more and more of our great God as I see how He is moving in others.  And, really, despite our differences, in the end, we're all the same - sisters in Christ seeking more of Him through His holy, inspired Word. 

I love that the Bible, thousands of years old, written in other languages from Spanish and English, is unifying believers to this day.  I know several of you are living in places where the church seems to be divided over the Word, but, be encouraged, it is also unifying in ways incredible and beautiful and powerful and profound.  What a God we serve! 

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