Thursday, May 17, 2012

Please jump over to the Social Work site blog to see what's been happening this week... in our new Site! 

And, I hope you enjoy this fun picture of Daisy and me out front, taken today.

Here's a picture that Katherine, from our Little Girls' group, coloured for me today.  I love how she spelled my name!  If I ever decide to try and get famous, this is how I'll start spelling it! :O)

Please keep the Dominican Presidential Elections (this Sunday, May 20) in your prayers.  Things seem kind of tense this week, with lots of people shouting angrily, rallies, and rhetoric.  Sadly, few people seem to know why they like the candidate they are so intensely supporting. 

Please pray that the election is fair, and free of violence, and that whatever happens, people will put their trust and faith in God alone. 

Below are pictures of the two-lane main street heading into downtown Jarabacoa.  There was a rally for one of the candidates, and traffic got pretty crazy!

I'm actually in the 'right' place.  The truck on my left is in
the incoming traffic lane.
I guess the blue truck got sick of waiting, too!

I hope each of you has a great night!  Thanks again for your interest in how God is working in my life, and the lives of the people of El Callejon.  To God alone be all glory!

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