Saturday, May 26, 2012

La Única Razón

On Thursday morning I was able to share a bit of my testimony with the whole outreach for morning devotions.  Before I spoke, Alberto led a time of worship, ending with the song "La Única Razón" (The Only Reason).  This was our favorite song when we came in 2008.  The rough translation is:
The only reason for my adoration is You, Jesus,
The only reason for living, is You, Lord,
The only Truth, is in You,
You are my Light and my Salvation,
The only Love is You, Lord,
And forever I will praise You. 
You are all powerful,
You are big and full of majesty,
You are strong, invincible,
And there is no one like You. 
How can I describe it?  Standing there singing that song, reflecting back on how God has been at work, moving me to this place?  Not just physically moving me, of course.  Spiritually, emotionally, too.  The impossibility of pulling up roots and going to a new country, culture, language…

Just a couple of months ago, I was in the throes of chaos.  Rootless, confused, ticked off, disappointed.  But, even in this, God has been with me, teaching me more about surrendering my life to Him. 

I was talking with a new friend at the gym recently about learning to live with open hands.  (The fact that I am actually able to have a conversation like that – in Spanish! – is, in and of itself, a testament to God’s grace and mercy in my life!) 
When I get tired out, frustrated, strained, I clap my hands back shut, tightly holding onto my little bit of control.  But, God reminds me, in all kinds of different ways, of His leading in my life.  On Thursday morning, it was through that song.  My desire is that Jesus truly is my only reason. 

Yesterday Joemny, Katherine and I studied Sola Fe (only Faith) and we read about Abram following God’s call to leave pretty much everything – and everyone! – he knew, and go ‘to the land I will show you’. 
Through Abram, God promised that all nations would be blessed.  And, thousands of years later, sitting in El Callejon, we were a part of that blessing being fulfilled.  How humbling, how amazing! 

I’m still learning how to walk more fully into God’s calling on my life.  I’m still learning how to die to myself each day.  To open my hands and allow our all-powerful, big, majestic God to be my Only Reason for living.  But, my prayer is, that just as God’s blessing on Abram has being fulfilled over and over again, in some small way, my faithfulness may be a blessing to others. 
My only reason for living is You, Jesus.  May my life be a blessing, as I strive show Your love, Your light, Your salvation.  There truly is no one like You! 

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