Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Just a few brief and random notes from the past few days:

I mentioned that Dona Gloria’s gardener would be washing my car.  He did.  Since it sits up high (it’s a Chevy Tracker) he only washed what he could reach.  So, the bird ‘gift’ from a few weeks back remains on my back window! 
Floor cleaner (which I also use for clothes)
& Car shampoo (which I don't use!)
The preferred cleaning substance for tile floors is powdered (and only powdered) laundry detergent.  For cars, it’s a super cheap brand of shampoo.

New running hazard.  A stray dog has taken up residence along my run and chases me for at least 100 meters, barking its head off.  So far, it’s not done more than bark.  I think I might need to start carrying a couple of rocks just in case it gets more aggressive.  Bonus – I can do some arm work as I run!

When the teens’ favorite things include TV, music, volleyball, pizza, chocolate and pasta, it makes English lessons easy.  (All of them are pretty much the same in both languages, minus some pronunciation.)  The classes have been a lot of fun, and the teens seem to really enjoy them.

If you’ve never heard the story of Jonah, it’s understandable that you’d think it was crazy – and gross!  Chelsea and Taryn shared it with our groups Tuesday.  The little girls knew it, but the teens didn’t.  Their faces when Chelsea described the big fish vomiting Jonah out after three days was priceless!
Christmas trees with felt, buttons, and... glitter!!
How can you tell who comes to the Social Work site? Look closely, and you’ll find they sparkle! I’ve got glitter in my car, at home, and of course, all over me! We’ve decided we won’t get it all washed away until March of next year!!
Yuck Duck:  finding a maggot in my morning mango
Yay Duck: not finding HALF a maggot in my morning mango
Siesta (from 12:30-ish until 2) is taken seriously here.  On Monday I tried to get Site keys cut at a hardware store.  None were open.  It was 1pm.  Silly me.
The super mercado (grocery story) has an entire section of ketchup, including something called Curry Ketchup (no, I didn’t buy it!) but only two Brands of non-drinkable (slightly less runny) yogurt.  Each of these has two types – Fresa and Pina.
Motos.  Motorcycles are the preferred method of transportation, carrying everything from families to huge burlap sacks of rice to gas canisters to wash machines (I’m not making that up!).  The scary thing is, helmets are only required for drivers, and lights seem to be optional.  Driving at night is, frankly, a little stressful!
The church I’ve been attending is small and without many financial or material resources.  But, the sermons are Biblical, the worship is Spirit-filled and joyful, and, they are supporting a missionary couple ministering to Muslims in the country of Jordan.  It’s humbling to see their commitment to the Great Commission, depending on God to supply their needs out of His glorious riches.
“If our motive for serving is anything other than the glory of God, what we do will only be religious activity and not true Christian ministry.”  Warren Wiersbe in On Being a Servant of God (an excellent book given to me by a dear sister in Christ, Daphne).  Reading it last year, as I pondered coming to the DR was powerful.  Re-reading it now… Wow!  May my motive, my service, my very life, be for Your glory alone,  Father!

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