Friday, October 28, 2011

When's Dinner?

Since my last post was pretty intense, I thought I’d write something a bit ‘lighter’ today.  For your enjoyment, I present, Cooking Vegetables, a Study in Contrasts.

In Harrisonburg

1.        Drive to Martin’s (or Kroger or Walmart)

2.       Go to the Frozen Vegetables section

3.       Decide which of the multiple brands, varieties and combos of microwaveable veggies you want

4.       Pay using Self-serve line, Express lane, Regular checkout, using ATM, check or cash

5.       Drive home

6.       Put pack of veggies in microwave for 4-5 minutes

7.       Take out, pour on plate, Enjoy

In Jarabacoa

1.       Walk 15 minutes to downtown Vegetable Market as car is in the shop… again

2.       Tell one of the helpful vendors what vegetable you want

3.       If it’s available he or she will bring you some

4.       If there’s no zucchini today, pick something else

5.       Pay with cash – only with cash

6.       Walk back home, kicking yourself for buying a watermelon at the Fruit Market

7.       Fill sink with tap water.  Add approximately 10 drops of iodine.

8.       Let vegetables (and watermelon or other fruit) soak for 10 minutes

9.       Take out of sink, allow to air dry

10.   Cut up vegetables

11.   Light gas stove using matches

12.   Boil water, put in veggies

13.   Turn burner down to simmer

14.   Relight burner when you turn too far

15.   Repeat Step 14 as necessary

16.   Cook 5-7 minutes, or until tender

17.   Enjoy fresh, tasty, preservative-free produce, preferably with some rice, habichuelas (red beans) & mango

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