Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crafts... Why did it have to be Crafts?!

I am not a crafty person.  I’m not talking “scheming, tricky, wily” kind of crafty, I’m talking the, take a few odds-and-ends and make them into something amazing kind.  Daisy is crafty.  As in, take some wire, pantyhose, paint and glitter and make gorgeous flowers, crafty.  It’s more than a little intimidating to watch her transform scraps of junk into objects of beauty. 
Yesterday Daisy tried to show me how to do a ‘simple’ craft.  The results weren't pretty, to say the least. 
After we finished up in El Callejon, we headed back to the SI Base.  We worked together on some emails for the teams coming next week.  She also showed me the blog a student had started for our site.  As I typed, I talked with her about the different ways we could use the blog to help keep folks informed about what’s happening, our prayer requests, the stories of the people of El Callejon, any supply needs we have. 

Daisy kept saying how amazing it was that I could do so much on the computer.  And, believe me, I really am not all that great!  I kept telling her it was ‘simple’. 

Hmm… that sounded kind of familiar!  We reminded each other that God has given each of us different gifts to help compliment each other in our work for Him.  I cannot do crafts well.  I need to continue to stretch and challenge myself in this, of course, but God called me here knowing I cannot do them!  Maybe, just maybe, He has other plans for how I can impact El Callejon…
And speaking of El Callejon, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is already Friday.  In just a few short days, I have grown to appreciate and love Shannon and Lee.  I am so blessed to hear their stories, to watch them interacting with the people of El Callejon.  It is an encouragement to me to hear how God has been at work in their lives. 

I’m going to miss them, but I know I now have to ‘new’ sisters in Christ!  I love it!! 

Before I wrap this up and head down for another yummy dinner, I just have to share a bit about how my Spanish is going: 
Last week when Caroline and I stopped by El Callejon, Daisy asked me to share a little bit about myself.  I was not able to do it ‘off the cuff’ in Spanish, and needed Caroline to translate. 

Today we headed to another community, and Daisy again asked me to share what Jesus means to me.  This time, I was able to do it… in Spanish!  It wasn’t great, and I’m pretty sure my verb conjugations weren’t all correct, but I did it! 

I’ve been able to translate into English and some into Spanish, too.  I still have a hard time following the conversation when all the teens start talking at once.  Of course, that sometimes happens in English, too!  But, I am excited about how being immersed here has improved my Spanish so quickly.  Thank you for your prayers for me in this!!
The bell for dinner just rang, so until next time, I’ll sign off now.  Have a great day!!

P.S.  When the ladies finish their flowers (hopefully next week) I’ll be sure to take some photos!

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