Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Month

One month.  That’s all I have left in Antigua.  One month.  I bought a plane ticket last week, and (Primero Dios) will be flying to Santiago in the D.R. very early on Thursday, September 22. 

I had two options:  (a) fly Copa Airlines by way of Panama City, or (b) fly an American airline (like American – tee hee) by way of LaGuardia (as in, New York City).  The former would get me to the DR mid-afternoon of the same day.  The latter would mean traveling for more than 24 hours.  Oh, and cost $200 more – American dollars, not quetzals!  I checked with friends (yay, Facebook!) and was told that Copa is a good airline.  So, Copa it is! 

I told someone that I’m beginning to accept that fact that I’m not going to leave next month knowing all I need to know to survive – and thrive! – in Jarabacoa.  There is simply too much to learn.  But, I feel good about the strong foundation I’m gaining here. 

Yesterday Sonia, my teacher, started me on the Gerund tense.  That’s tense number six.  Not sure how many more I’ve got!  She told me we need to work a little harder because my time here is so short.

One of my favorite things to do with Sonia is to read in my NVI Spanish Bible.  It’s the equivalent of the NIV and it is fun to share favorite verses and our thoughts about them.  On Sunday morning before church I spent some time reading Ephesians (Efesios).  It was slow-going (in one hour I was only able to read 3 chapters), but in some ways it was like reading something I’d never read before. 
Once again, it made me grateful for the gift of the Bible.  I have friends working for Wycliffe, translating it into the heart language of unreached people groups.  I think of how my heart burns in me when I read a familiar passage and it’s as if I’ve never read it before. 
The Word of God is alive and truly does pierce my soul at times!  What a gift!  How often do I take for granted the fact that I can open it up and read it (now in two languages!) without any concern for my safety?
Oh, Father, forgive me for taking your living, Spirit-inspired Word for granted.  Forgive me for the lazy, sloppy ways I sometimes approach reading Your Word. Thank you for revealing Yourself in it.  Pierce my soul once more.  Daily. 
Today I lift up my sister and brother serving You so others may discover the power and life in Your Word.  May they feel Your presence as they struggle and strive for the sake of the Gospel.  I lift up those in hidden churches around the world thirsting for just one Gospel in their heart language.  Move those of us in the free world to be faithful in intercession for them.
I hope that you who are reading this have access to a Bible.  I invite you to join me in praising God for this gift.  If you do not, I pray that in His time, in His powerful, mysterious way, God will make His Word available to you. 
If you have one, but choose not to read it, I pray that today will be the day you pick it up, open it to a Gospel like John, and drink deeply.  Ask God to meet you in its pages.  But mean it!  Because He will, and your life may never be the same again!!

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