Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Bit about Antigua

June 27:  Hello, again!  It’s the rainy season here, and that means it either pours all night and all day, all night and part of the day, or part of the night and all of the day!  I’m so thankful to have packed my cheery melon-colored raincoat – and umbrella (a paragua if you’re a guy, and a sombrilla if you’re a gal.)   

Antigua is a very old city (I believe it was first established in the 1600’s).  There have been several earthquakes, some of the most severe in the 1700’s. 

Central Park area in the center of town. 
My school is north, where I live is south of it. 

The buildings remind me of what I imagine Ancient Rome looked like. 

The Outside of Mi Casa - #27 Second Ave.

On the outside are block-long buildings with, large, forbidding fronts, iron-barred small balconies and huge windowless doors.  Inside you can glimpse courtyards of lovely flowers, stores selling everything from food to jewelry to clothing, restaurants of every kind, and of course, the individual homes.   The streets here are cobblestone, which makes for rather tricky walking, especially when the rain is pouring down.  There are a lot of old buildings, including several cathedrals.  Many are in ruins, although it looks like there are attempts to repair and restore.  The buildings are painted blue, red, yellow and more. 
The dining area.  Down the hall is the bathroom. 
My bedroom is behind the window.

My bed (for now.  I may be changing bedrooms as this is a room for two.)
If you look closely, you'll see my prayer shawl, teddy bear Barnabas
 - and I put my Yay & Yuck Ducks there, too!

This afternoon it stopped raining for a while, so I managed to snap a few pictures (tomar fotos).  Hopefully I can get a couple more, possibly of my school and some of the folks I’m meeting.

Corpus Cristi parade on Sunday

Church where Chris, Mike & I worshiped.

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  1. Love the pics! Such a cute looking town, not a bad place to call home for a few months. :)