Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Today I thought I’d share one of the angsty poems I mentioned last week.  As you’ll see, I took myself pretty seriously back then!  Hmm… not much has changed, eh? 

Here’s to being 16 and ‘deep’ – and here’s to our loving Father, who has walked with me, silly though I so often still am!  Feel free to grin or even laugh!

I wrote this “Late at night” on Wednesday, September 28, 1983, while on a Biology trip to Bamfield Marine Station in Bamfield, B.C.  I don’t actually know what “M.R.S.” in the title means.  I’m sure I thought I’d never forget. 


Spinning around wildly
   never stopping for a breath
then all of a sudden dropping,
   waiting for something,
no matter how small, to happen
 But nothing ever does
     and a tear slides,
   ever so slowly
     down my cheek.

A good sleep and relaxation
   and it’s back on the
 for another day
Why do I do it?
   I know I’ll fall off!

a strange yearning comes on
and I realize the reason
   even though it’s queer
for my constant spinning
        some day I’ll stay on
   with no more falling, spinning, crying
       one day will be mine

I only hope I acknowledge it,
   and let the spinning stop,
and flow into my new found safety.

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