Monday, June 24, 2013

June Updates

Have you ever noticed that when there’s nothing much going on, you’ve got all the time in the world to write about it, but when there’s plenty happening, there’s no time?  It doesn’t seem quite fair. 
Ministry:  We’re in summer mode at Students International, which means teams of students every two weeks.  It’s been a bit strange to watch the trucks load up after breakfast and drive away, leaving just a handful of us at the Base.  Although I love being able to use my experience in HR, I do miss heading to El Callejon to share with the community as well as the students. 

Carlos has continued to help with orientation for the groups who come, teaching them ‘un chin’ (a little bit) of Dominican history and culture.  He’s a natural teacher, even in his second language!  It makes me so proud to hear all the positive feedback after he’s taught!
Next week a group from my stateside home church, First Presbyterian in Harrisonburg, Virginia, is coming.  I am so excited that one of my closest friends and her daughter will be a part of the group!  I can’t wait to share ministry with them… and, to have them meet Carlos, of course!

El Buen Samaritano:  Speaking of churches, our church here in the DR, El Buen Samaritano, continues to be a blessing.  Carlos and I have made some good friends already, including a Canadian missionary couple and a young cross-cultural couple who are in a weekly Bible study with us. 
Last week I attended a Women’s Encounter where nearly 100 women, many from the surrounding community, came to praise God and be encouraged in putting their faith in Christ alone. 
EBS has opened its doors (figuratively speaking, as it is an outdoor, wall-less church!) to SI students.  I was so proud and humbled (yeah, you really can be both!) to see the way the pastors and others reached out to the students, despite language and cultural differences. 

They even picked praise songs that can be sung in both English and Spanish!  I heard that some of our summer interns are ‘fighting’ to get to come to our church with the groups, instead of being assigned elsewhere!

New Home:  Carlos and I are excited and thankful that we will be moving at the end of July.  We’ll be moving into the home of our very good friends Ron and Carole, who are moving back to the US.  As happy as I am going to be to have more room, I’m really going to miss their family!  They have been prayer warriors, encouragers, sounding boards and friends in Christ since the moment I got here. 
Carlos and I have done pretty well with our limited space.  If you have to live in a studio apartment, I suggest having someone with the same sleep schedule!  Since we both get up super early (him 4:30, me 5:00 am) and are in bed early (9pm is a late night for my sweetie!) we don’t have to worry about keeping each other up. 

US Visit:  We are starting to pursue the possibility of going home to the US for a visit.  Visas, even temporary Visas, are not easy to obtain in the first year of a cross-cultural marriage, but we are trusting that God knows our desire to see family and friends, and He will work it out in His perfect way, just as He does everything. 

We are also going to work on starting the process for my residency and possible citizenship here.  In case you’re keeping count, if it happens, it’ll be my third country!  Canada, United States, Dominican Republic. 

We continue to be amazed at how God is at work in our lives.  We are so thankful for our new life together, and want to nourish and protect it by continuing to place God first in our lives as individuals and together. 
All of our activities, our dreams, our plans, need to be placed in His hands.  We know that He is able to work out all things for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.  That is our desire – to be used by Him to for His good and perfect purposes.  
Until next time! 

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