Sunday, November 18, 2012

Samo Seed Searching

Yesterday was Saturday, which means Hike Day for Carlos and me.  Whenever possible, we like to spend a good part of the day enjoying the beautiful mountains in this area.  Before heading out, Isa asked us if we wanted to find some more samo seeds.  Oh, yes, please!
Samo seed tree
I’ve written about Isa before.  He is one of our English students, and has grown up learning about the matas (plants) surrounding him. 

A couple of weeks ago before class I showed him this cool seed I’d found on a hike.  He immediately identified it as a samo seed, and asked if I wanted some more.  Sure!  I said. 
The next English class he greeted me with a bag of samo seeds… around 50 of them!  Do you want more?  Sure!  The next week… around 200 more!
Even though I don’t consider myself crafty, I’ve started painting them to make small gifts for friends, and hopefully to sell at the SI Base to raise some money for the Social Work site.   

Carlos & Isa opening seed pods.
Notice the brown and green pods behind them.
So, yesterday, I was happy to go and find some more.  Isa led us down to the river, and pointed out a huge tree.  That’s where the seeds come from, he told us.  Cool! 
I immediately started looking for seeds in what seemed a logical way - down on the ground.  I was excited to find a few, here and there. 
Look!  Carlos pointed up to where there were these huge brown pods.  That’s where the seeds are. 
No, the picture isn't tilted. Isa really stretched out horizontally!

Isa led us to another tree and pointed out green pods, as well as lots and lots of the brown ones.  He climbed up and started pulling the brown pods off, dropping them and showering us with leaves and twigs. 
On the ground Carlos and I opened the pods, revealing smaller ‘packages’, each with a single samo seed.  It was a reminder of how God has created all things with amazing order and precision. 

God's perfect packaging.

I was so grateful to Isa for taking the time to share his knowledge with us.  Without his help, we’d have found maybe a dozen samo seeds and been pretty content.  Having the help of someone who knew the ‘landscape’ meant a rich bounty instead of a handful. 
It made me think about knowledge I have that I need to be sharing.  Especially, the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus commanded His disciples to go and make other disciples.  That seems to imply that the only way disciples are made is through the help of other disciples.  Don’t get me wrong!  I believe the Holy Spirit can move in whatever way He chooses, growing followers in His manner. 
Finished product
But, like the samo seeds, I believe God’s plan is for someone who knows the ‘landscape’ to help guide those less familiar!   
My faith and knowledge of God has been enriched and strengthened through others who have walked with Him for much longer than I have. 

The Holy Spirit has used their willingness to pour into me to equip me to pour into others.  As I have been discipled, I now need to disciple. 

The next time I want samo seeds (which may be a long, long time from now as we found around 300!) I’ll be able to take others along, showing them how to find the tree – and God’s amazing samo seed ‘packaging’!  Hopefully one of them will be somewhat agile, since I’ll never be able to climb like Isa! 
And, that’s what being a disciple is all about, too.  Not hoarding our knowledge of Jesus, but sharing what we’ve learned with others, helping them grow to share, too.

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