Sunday, May 29, 2011

Llena Mi Vida

I am sitting here listening to an amazing song written by an amazing young man.  The song is called Llena Mi Vida, which means Fill My Life.  The song-writer is named Melvin Colon.
Last year while we were in the D.R., Melvin came and shared his testimony, helped by one of the missionaries at S.I. named Amy.  Melvin has Cerebral Palsy.  Although his condition traps his body in a wheelchair, his spirit soars.  As he spoke, his face shone with the light of Jesus.
Melvin has written around a dozen songs, praising God for all He has done.  Some of Melvin’s brothers and sisters in Christ have put his Spirit-filled words to music and recorded them.  I just downloaded his album, called Usame Senor (Use Me, Lord) from CD Baby.  Check it out here.
The song Llena Mi Vida captivated me last summer.  When I think about the D.R. this song is a part of all that God was doing in my heart.  Listening now fills me with such a longing to be there.  I know I am right where I need to be, and that my time in Guatemala, too, will be good and necessary.  But for tonight, I am feeling a little homesick for my new country. 
Thank you, Father, for filling my heart with love for El Callejon, and the D.R.  Please continue to fill my life with You and You alone.  I don’t want to live without You.  All I have, and all I am, is Yours.  Thank you for loving me.
I’ve included the words in both Spanish and English.  May this be the prayer of our hearts.
Llena Mi Vida por Melvin Colon
Sénor llena mi corazón 
Ensename de tu camino 
Espiritu Santo yo quiero
Sentirte  (Sentir Tu poder)

Yo quiero sentir Tu presencia
Llename Sénor con Tu amor
Yo quiero sentir Tu unción
Consúmame Sénor con Tu fuego

Llena mi vida
Ven a tocarme

Ese es mi invitación (Llena mi vida)
Al Dios de los cielos  (Ven a tocarme)
Porqué Tu quieres vivir en mi? (Llena mi vida)
Y o no sé, yo no sé, yo no sé (Ven a tocarme)
No quiero vivir sin Ti  (Llena mi vida)
No quiero vivir sin Ti  (Ven a tocarme)
Gracias por amarme  (Llena mi vida)
Gracias por amarme  (Ven a tocarme)

Fill My Life by Melvin Colon
Lord, fill my heart
Teach me Your way
Holy Spirit I want to
Feel You (Feel Your power)
I want to feel Your presence
Fill me, Lord, with Your love
I want to feel Your anointing
Consume me, Lord, with Your fire
Fill my life
Come and touch me
This is my invitation
To the God of the heavens
Why do You want to live in me?
I don’t know
I don’t want to live without You
Thank you for loving me

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