Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The gym was practically empty this morning.  I could use whichever machine I wanted, and my 12.5 lb free weights were right there – two sets!  Three rows of cardio equipment with only a handful of people climbing/jogging along.  Granted, it was 6:30 a.m., but normally there’s a decent-sized group.  Christmas and vacations, I guess. 

The few of us working out just shook our heads, because we all know what’s coming.  At this time next week, even early, it’s going to be a very different story.  Next week the gym will be packed full of folks fresh off Christmas feasts and New Year’s parties, all trying to keep their resolution to lose some weight in 2011. 

The ‘regulars’ will smile indulgently at the newbies wearing their cute (matching!) workout clothes, sparkling new shoes, clutching charts and carefully recording weights and reps.  They’ll drift from machine to machine, trying this one, then that.  We’ll get annoyed at someone on ‘our’ favorite treadmill, and the nicer ones will help adjust the abduct/adduct machine for the poor person stuck halfway.

So, I’m bracing myself.  At least for a few weeks.  Because, we all know they’ll start tapering off mid-month.  The fancy workout clothes will start getting frumpy, there will be injuries from doing too much too soon, stuff will come up (like staying in a nice warm bed instead of scraping off the car in the dark!)… By February most will be gone.  A few do keeping coming, usually those working out with a partner.  Selfishly, I have to say I prefer fewer people, but it’s really kind of sad.  All these great intentions and soon it’s all for nothing.

When I think about the coming year, there is a lot of exciting stuff up ahead.  I’ve got charts and plans and plenty of passion for it all.  But, will I have the stamina and perseverance to stick it out when the newness wears off?  How about when I get knocked down and hurt by disappointments?  Or, when my desire to be comfortable tempts me to stay snuggled inside instead of venturing out? 

If I think about it in terms of exercise, it’s why I'm doing it that matters.  Especially on those mornings when I’m feeling tired and wimpy, I remind myself that getting up early, pushing myself to lift more, sweating and stretching, is helping keep my body (and mind & spirit!) healthy.  And, if I skip a day or two, I know it’ll take an extra surge of willpower to start again.

Hmm… Perhaps I need to remind myself what my call to the D.R. is all about.  It’s not about staying cozy and keeping my shoes clean.  It’s not about great intentions and a fancy ministry.  It’s about living a life that matters because it’s lived in and through and with and for Jesus.  

So, today I resolve to keep my sight set on the goal, Jesus Christ, and His glory proclaimed in the world.  And, to start again and again, no matter how many times I let my vision slide.  Doing so is going to take way more strength than I have alone.  I’ll need to count on friends-in-Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Partners help here, too!

How about you?  Have you made any resolutions that you cannot accomplish all alone?  Please let me know.  I’d love lift you up to the One who can see you through!  And, I’ll make a point of encouraging the newbies next week – even those on ‘my’ stepmill!! 


  1. I am going to memorize scripture this year (note I didn't say 'try to'). It's something I've always wanted to do but have never followed through on. Lord willing (and I believe that He does), that's all going to change:-).

  2. To "ThyHandHathProvided": to help with your resolution visit
    really neat memorization

    Thanks, Kim, for your blog and posts. Blessings.